TravelWild.TV and Lin Sutherland visit Christmas Island Australia.
Check out the above 8 video snippets on their adventures.

Christmas Island
There are some places on earth that are secluded pockets of life, where Darwin's theory of evolution and adaption can be clearly seen. Isolated islands in the middle of the ocean are best to understand his theory and one of Australia's most unique islands for nature is Christmas Island.

Christmas Island is the tip of a volcanic mountain. Born from an eruption 60 million years ago it has created an Island at the end of the Java trench that rises from 3000 metres of sea water. but it's the nature of this island that makes it so special with some of the species here found nowhere else on our entire planet and incredible marine life that cruises this shoreline. It is one of the most isolated territories in Australia and if you're a nature lover this is your paradise.

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