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An epic voyage of animal discoveries hosted by Australia’s Lin Sutherland.
White Rhinos - Hluweluwe NP - South Africa
For 13 weeks, Lin will take you on an incredible journey, travelling to exotic locations such as the Seychelles, Papua New Guinea, Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, Bahamas, Hawaii, Portugal and many more, where Lin often gains extra insight by teams of experts for each powerful story.

Meet rare and exotic creatures such as the Manatee, Komodo Dragon, White Rhino and Whale Shark. In each half-hour episode Lin presents four outstanding segments. Roar of the Wild seduces the viewer. The pioneer with a heart has us laugh and cry, as we traverse eco-systems, varieties of wildlife and Earth’s amazing phenomena.

Evoked by the call of nature, Lin's exploration of the globe and its inhabitants explores habits and survival instincts of creatures otherwise uncovered. Both above and below the sea, Lin’s natural ability to communicate and interact with colourful species brings the personality of the beasts to light, up close and personal.

Lin also highlights the importance of maintaining the balance between mans changing needs and the health of our planet. Roar of the Wild confronts nature’s predicaments as Lin dives in, gets her hands dirty, usually off the beaten track and sometimes in dangerous situations, embracing our wild world like no other female has before.
Lin & Seas Turtle - Great Barrier Reef
Sand Dunes - Western Australia
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